harriet tubman

Harriet Tubman, shero, used her wit, intuition, high (if unschooled) intelligence we can call genius, and spirit to run the Underground Railroad and later said:  “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

Biographies of her life flew off the shelves when I was a school girl, inspiring females across racial lines and giving us an inchoate sense of sisterhood because of the sheroics Tubman pulled off, navigating by intuition and starlight, unschooled in anything but her own elemental womanliness.  She is one of my all-time favorite role models.  We might need her example of an underground ourselves one day, as women for women and girls.
There are today Harriet Tubman dolls to inspire girls, e.g., http://www.girls-explore.com/servlet/the-22/Harriet-Tubman-Doll-Set/Detail.  And then there’s this week’s offering by Def Comedy Jam’s Russell Simmons, who thought it funny to You-Tube post a parody sex tape suggesting Harriet Tubman’s success resulted from post-rape “seduction” taping of her “massa” to blackmail him into  letting her take slaves to freedom.   http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/russell-simmons-harriet-tubman-sex-608491.

Even Spike Lee responded angrily with an is-nothing-sacred type online screed that resulted in Simmons taking down the YouTube.  Everything Lee said on Twitter might as well be said about pornography or rape which sadly not all women abhor (just as during slavery not all slaves abhored their slavery and not all slaves let Tubman take them to freedom on her Underground Railroad).  Lee asked:  “Why Do We Desecrate Our Ancestors?Why Do We Hate Ourselves?” http://www.businessinsider.com/spike-lee-slams-russell-simmons-for-producing-mock-harriet-tubman-sex-tape-2013-8

Simmons assertedy was surprised that this offended anybody, and was particularly surprised that it offended black women so mightily.  This is just more reason to appreciate that individually far too many men have no clue when it comes to what matters to women, and think about life as if their brains were from another species.  

I’m no longer interested in why that might be.  Nature, Nurture (or the lack thereof), or some combination of biology and sociology, it makes no difference because  we will never know for sure and by evolution (socially and biologically) the game is always changing any way.  What we need to do as women is look at male behavior, individually and collectively.  Treat men as if a silent movie and only watch what they do.  Consider this our joke:  “How do you know a man is lying (or saying something inane or hypocritical)?  When his lips are moving.”   This should be our baseline unless and until any man proves himself consistently to be otherwise in favor of ending men’s asinine behavior against women,  starting with any one of our own lives where they need to make some serious reparations.  

Would Simmons of Def Comedy Jam think it funny to do a sex-tape video about MLK, Jr. or Gandhi?  No, it would never happen.  But in MLK, Jr.’s case, with the known womanizing in his history, http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2430999/posts, the tape would at least be based in the truth of his seduction of women, unlike Tubman who did not seduce men but was instead a female slave sexually abused by males.

In Gandhi’s case, with the known creepiness of his bringing young teen girls into his  bed theoretically to test his spiritual purity (which hurt his reputation in India and Pakistan but seemingly not among new-agers in the USA), there would be validity to the truth of his creepy relations with females sexually as a man of immense political and social power. 

 Gandhi ‘tested’ himself by sleeping with naked grand-nieces Manu, left, and Abha, right, in the photo-op with the “great” man and creepazoid.  Look how the patriarchy makes them feel grateful for his favors because he is such a “great” man.  Ick.  Does it get much creepier?  Yes, it does, and that’s why I’m a radical feminist.

As usual, as Simmons proved this week, men regularly reverse the truth about women, erase our sheroics, and act as men to our detriment as females of every age, every day of our lives.

Underground railroad to freedom, any one?

Sheroes and Female Abilities

ImageThe daily news is so bleak for women, it’s time  to shift into celebration and in spite of apparent doom, honor the sheroes.  Among my favorites, including each of us just for surviving the emotional, spiritual and physical onslaught of patriarchy, are the young women featured in the film, Rabbit Proof Fence.  

I saw this film in a theater about 10 years ago (maybe more) and was amazed at how the mainly male fllmmakers did not try to hide what were the obvious powers of the young women for geomancy, aeromancy, and related elemental connections that got them back as escapees on foot to their aboriginal mothers after the government of Australia separated them by 1500 miles.   These young women were half “first people” of Australia (aboriginal mothers) and half “white” (no doubt the products of rape by “good ole boys,” Australian settlers from Scotland and other UK countries originally, having “some fun” with “the natives”).  On the USA continent in my own lineage, my great-great-grandmother had been a “native” (Cherokee) that a “good ole boy” from Georgia of Scot descent “found” in “the backwoods” (probably a renegade from the Trail of Tears that killed so many Cherokees) and “brought home” (raped and abducted her) to “make her his wife.”   In the mantel photo of her at my grandma’s house that fascinated me about the “squaw great-great-grandma” while growing up, her brown face was both knowing and indescribably sad.  Of course, look at all the white man’s culture had robbed her of.  (And as a result I entirely understand why it takes a higher percentage of Cherokee blood than courses through my veins to be tribally enrolled.)

Also as a result I had a strong personal affinity for this Rabbit Proof Fence story of young women in Australia, where yet another generation of the heirs of the Roman Empire in their evil hubris in the name of the invented monotheistic man-god saw fit once again to try to destroy womankind and our multi-faceted powers.

Guess what you rapist fuckers!?!!!  Guess what you chronic hypocrites!?!!! We’re still standing.  As womankind.  Try to tear us down all you want and we keep on.  And we have powers that you have tried to take from us, that we are just starting to reclaim and use.  We already know the result.  Nature loves us, not you fuckers, and we overcome.

Valete Interfectors!!!*

*(Translation from the Latin of the Roman Empire which seeded some of the worst of the patriarchy :  Bye-bye murderers!!!)

Rad Fem Philosophy: Still Needed After All These Years

LATXcreatures 336

What is a mind for if it is not for change?  I’d written a mea culpa to a certain prolific RF blogger  for having said I wouldn’t comment on her blog again because of my perception that her demand for her own brand of “RF think” had run off too many new women bravely trying to comment there for the first time but getting criticized by the blogger’s reply comments   …   and my mea culpa resulted on a balance of factors because the prolific blogger had written a new post that fascinated me, involving great comments from DaughterIsTheSun, LisaPrime, SheilaG, and others as sparked by the mind-expanding post that, well,  caused me to change my mind about participating there.

But although I tried to comment and saw my comment appear on screen for a few hours, the RF blogger removed it.

So I get erased at a RF blog, even when I make a kindhearted mea culpa gesture, and it feels the very same as when men erase women all the time, all the time, gone baby gone.

We can know that it doesn’t seem right, or at least it seems to reflect deep damage in the RF blogger that is unhealed despite the rigor of her analysis and the prolific nature of her blogging (with a strong RF following), but I can at least post what I’d written here.

As a related point, however, if we wonder why RF analysis is so scant among feminists, maybe this sort of sad thing is partly why.  Maybe we need to stop blaming it only on MtT and GLBTQQetcwtf political backlash.  Maybe we each need to heal ourselves first before taking on a public platform in which any one of us has internet power to solicit and alternately erase other women’s comments.  If I were not very strong in my own Be-ing, being erased on a RF blog (for commenting ffs , and in a RF way) would dishearten me to the point of rejecting RF as a philosophy, when indeed it is the only philosophy that ever really helped me understand and face the real world as a woman-born woman for womankind.

Here’s the substance of what I’d commented and had erased:

The natural disaster analogy about male oppression of females is one that resonates for me as to specific instances when I have averted the harm of men to myself and/or daughter by going into instinct about imminent harm avoidance.  Before RF consciousness took hold (in that my global patriarchal cult deprogramming has taken years, still ongoing) I’d do unsafe, unwise things like jog too late at the beach.  One night I was nearly conked in the head by two smiling men who came up behind me, one with his arm behind (indicating the rock of the would-be conk).  It was pure instinct that led me to grab and throw sand in their faces and then run a zigzagging path that somehow through those instinctual connections to what’s alive got me to safety where women were, truncating the men’s pursuit.

There are other similar earlier examples of the natural disaster approach to harm avoidance, including an intruder in my house (baby daughter in back) after the then-nigel husband had left garage door open during my absence.  Instinctively I went into raging “get the fuck out of here you asshole,” with my keys in my fingers like I’d learned in a self-defense class, lunging for him, which made him take a circular route running out through the open garage door (“lady I’m getting out of here.”)  In those occasions I operated on pure instinct, no conscious logic to it, although it may have helped to have in the gray matter the residues of an 80’s “take back the night” self-defense class (not that going out at night walking alone in the 21st century is ever safe for women any more in most places).  :

The parasite model from DaughterIsTheSun also resonates for the chronic, daily reality of men oppressing women.  The level of biological awareness is amazing, and this really resonated:  “Parasitic wasps turn cabbage worm caterpillars into their bodyguards.”  Plus the Alien film reference. Excellent!   Men show us who they are by the monsters and “big suits” they create in movies.

When asked by the blog post for another model from nature other than natural disaster, I’d been thinking, yes, well, definitely that (natural disaster) and also men as virus, maybe biologically much bigger but just as debilitating.  But parasite from DaughterIsTheSun is a much better analogy, because a parasite usually grabs hold and slowly drains, saps and diverts energy without, in the majority of cases, outright killing the host.  (Started to type DITS for Daughter but that’s disrespectful, and I really do appreciate the biology lesson and the women who come here brave enough to comment!)

For the relatively lucky women enjoying relative privilege (not being trafficked, not being constantly raped, not living in a literal war zone in someplace like Darfur, so on), the analogy of how men are would be not the Ebola or AIDS virus but the analogy of a virus like a chronic  common cold, debilitating but not life-threatening, depressing but not killing.

A chronic common cold virus as analogy for men and their oppression of women would fit for what’s been on this blog in comments described as the patriarchy-lite of Scandinavian countries.   And it would be a common-cold virus always susceptible of mutating wildly and almost overnight (meme-like) into a killer virus like Ebola, yes, even in the patriarchy-lite countries, for individual violence and destruction, by men one by one of women, or in larger groups.

The USA was patriarchy-lite for a brief period of the 70’s and early 80’s for some women with relative privilege, until the men figured out the counter-attack to second wave feminism and women’s consciousness raising.  And it has been cult-like mass media man-ipulated programming, fun feminism and porn infusion ever since to our detriment so that, today, how many of us ever dare to walk outside at night alone for risk of male violence if we live in any USA urban or even suburban area?

I’ve noticed lately where I live that the ratio of men outside to women even in daylight (enjoying ordinary things like taking a walk, being in a park, so on) is about 4:1, no doubt by American women’s self-selection to stay inside if they have a home or to be in their cars en route to places like malls and movies, often with security guards, if they can afford the gas.

The cultural change in my adult life suggests that disengagement instead of activism is a much better strategy now, but how very grateful I am for the second-wave academics, activists, and writers like Jan Raymond, Mary Daly (who taught Jan), Kate Millett (whose book, “Going to Iran” from decades ago is another case study in why it’s better now to view men as natural disasters, parasites or viruses than to engage in the futility of social-change activism alongside them), Sonia Johnson (who, perfectly imperfect, at least wrote spinning, inspiring guides to how it might be for evolving womankind even if the times weren’t right for the evolution now) and Andrea Dworkin who was just such a good writer I’d have enjoyed her authorship about how to grow broccoli.    Dworkin’s little read book, “Scapegoat,” is the best and most heartrending account of how (in her case, shared Jewry, with post-holocaust Israel as the model) even one’s own historically cultural group of shared-oppression men  are still out to get women.

So yes, men’s oppression of women:  natural disaster, parasite, virus.  Take your pick, sometimes it can be all three at the same time.

If we as women were not incredibly strong by Nature’s design despite everything the naturally disastrous parasitic viral men do to us, we’d not still be standing, not even one of us.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s some evolutionary value to all we as women are learning and have been learning around the globe  for millenia in the disengagement and covert warrior modes of protecting ourselves from men that will carry into the next phase of biological evolution for primates (if we even make it at all in primate bodily form).

In any event, for this one day, still standing is something of which we all can be very proud as womankind.  Hug it to yourself.  Every day is a victory over male disaster.

If you don’t want to believe the words, then believe the image at the top of this post.  Take another look.  I couldn’t have staged it better.    All the penis power-over imagery in the world collapsed into one random digital photo snapped while waiting at an intersection in my car in a city where it is now dangerous (because of unfettered power to the penis in the media-stature patriarchy) for women to be out walking along.

Shame on Women-Blamers

the background 100News for Florida girl abducted plus you know the hideous rest, then murdered BY registered sex offender MALE

It is almost always a man who abducts and murders a child, almost always a girl who is the child victim, with male rapists as the perpetrators.
This particular 8-year-old victim, may her name be respected and compassion extended, is charish Perriwinkle.  
Charish will never ride her bike again.  She will never laugh again.  She will hopefully still be remembered as one more casualty in the unacknowledged open season by predatory men upon girls and women worldwide.
Here’s a link to the all-too familiar tragedy after unspeakable trauma to the Girl, terrible heartbreak to her mother, and the failure of the patriarchal system to put a stop to this terrorism by males against girls and women:  [Read more]: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/sex-offender-accused-killing-florida-girl-8-article-1.1380224#ixzz2X3IkZAOJ


“Smith has been a registered sex offender since a 1993 conviction in Duval County for attempted kidnapping and selling obscene materials. He has been arrested several times since then, most recently in 2009 on a charge of child abuse after making obscene phone calls to a 10-year-old girl, making verbal threats, and impersonating a social worker with the Florida Department of Children and Families who claimed to be investigating the girl’s family. …

“Smith pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in that case and was released from jail May 31. …Smith had just met with police Friday morning to comply with a state law that requires sex offenders to verify their address once a year. [As if the futility of address verification stops the predators from abducting, raping and killing their prey; clearly this proves it does not.]  In a highly publicized case in 2009, a 7-year-old northeast Florida girl was abducted while she walked home from school. Police later found Somer Thompson’s body in a Georgia landfill. A man who lived with his parents in Somer’s Orange Park neighborhood pleaded guilty in 2012 to kidnapping, raping and murdering the girl and was sentenced to life in prison. ”

Also bad is that online many of the commenters to this story blamed the mother, not the murderer.

My comment will likely be removed or trashed (because calling out misogyny is seldom allowed any more even online), so here it what I wrote:

“It is appalling that commenters here would blame the mom when the murderer (probably also a torturer and rapist, but cops are silent until charges levied) is a repeat sex predator against girls. Not only blaming females but raping and murdering them seems to have become a blood sport in America. Whatever happened to this country? So many people are experiencing hard times in this economy not of our making, especially mothers trying (often alone) to raise daughters. Women typically earn less for equivalent work than men (despite laws on the books but rarely enforced to protect against wage disparity and sex discrimination). Women typically are the targets, not the perpetrators, of domestic violence in male-female relationships. To blame the mom who just lost her daughter to murder (probably also after torture and rape which this mom probably knows about after identifying the body of her child) is both cruel and ignorant. Shame on you.”

Of Womankind and Fuqtards

Genderism, which reifies the female role men in patriarchy have made for women, harms us.  As if we were reduced in too many minds to whether or not (like the frat poster pictures) we want a man to make us randy.  (Yes, the poster from a frat party, this century.  But a genteel university so relatively gentle language like “randy” as code for date rape.)

Even if some of us escape the generic gender role, the overall global sex class of women being  subordinate to men harms us.  Every time I see a woman wearing spike high heels or head-covering hajib, P-C cultural diversity lingo be damned because indirectly she is enforcing what males want to believe about not only her but also my membership in the subordinate sex class based on wearing subordinate-role gender  garb for everyone to see.  The subordinate-role effects of male rapism, putdowns, mental manipulation, on and on the bad list, harms us and has for millenia.  I realize this and from that place go forward with as much joy and courage as possible, not expecting men as a global sex class not to gender-ize us (or much worse).  

A man raping and impregnating a woman, for instance, is much worse than his merely genderizing her, because if it were not for the reality of biology as opposed to the man-made cultural creation of a subordinate social role, rape with impregnation of women would be impossible.  It all connects, one harm leading and bleeding into  another.   We have the right and the desire to believe we will overcome.  In that spirit, it occurs to me that women unfamiliar with the entire body  second wave feminist writing may be misled in other blogging corners (not this one) to believe that there was never a time on this planet when women were not men’s rape victims in large, oppressive numbers.

In documented fact, as many second-wave writers knew from reading the source material from European archeological digs of the archeologist, Dr. Marija Gimbutas (UCLA professor, now deceased), there was a time some millenia ago when the record in the ground, so to speak, showed that women lived without being under the boot of men, only to have the in-the-ground record change when men-on-horses-with-swords swept down from northern areas (think Genghis Khan and his ilk) and violently overthrew the peaceful order.

The work of Dr. Gimbutas was so brilliant and powerful for women’s belief in ourselves that the entire male-dominated archeological canon re-shaped its research protocols after her work was published, to discourage others from following the trail she had blazed. Also dig sites were tampered with (by agents unknown to any but those who made the arrangements) and deemed unsuitable for follow-up research. Big surprise. That’s how the snools and snotboys of the patriarchy operate, playing dirty and smiling through their lies while they back-stab  and discourage us.

I didn’t save my research notes about the above, although some of the material I reviewed came from the downtown L.A. library archives existent at the time about UCLA professors like Gimbutas. Because rad-feminist books like Andrea Dworkin’s and Mary Daly’s were being sold at library booksale or cycled into the dead storage stacks at that time (2005) — in the political backlash of transsexism and wombphobia against real women that PC transgender apologists had fomented against real women — I realized that the research would be erased and replaced with nonsense and hopelessness pretending to be some form (even rad-fem) of feminist analysis.

And how Dr. Gimbutas and her work has falsely been discredited online and off since her death is an appalling example of manunkind’s hypocrisy doing its worst.  So it has seemingly turned out to be. Except that my voice is still here. And the voices of some others who are fed up and not pretending it’s okay any more to throw billions of women under the post-modernist bus.

It concerns me that some of today’s putative rad-fem bloggers, apparently hoping to make a name for themselves, would seek to re-write herstory  and the second-wave scholarship in so discouraging a way as to suggest it has always been as bad for women throughout herstory as it has been in the past few millenia carried forward to today’s online porn-and-rape culture.

Maybe men as a global sex class at some point mutated to greater violence against women, a sort of Genghis Khan syndrome. (That particular sorry fuqtard raped so many women that his sperm lodged in thousands of wombs, historians believe, spawning his genetic line far and wide.) Maybe not. But it is not true that women have always been subjugated to men. It is not true that patriarchy has always existed in the same ugly shape-shifting form of violent social control that we have endured since the biblical old testament in the name of Fuqtard Supreme G.O.D. Imagebegan to be written.

It is instead true that Life continues to evolve, that there was a time when women controlled more of their own destiny, and that men in their current violent patriarchal and imperial iteration (lasting about the past 5000 to 7000 years) may be headed for extinction.

Our job as women is to hold on as best we can, connect to Nature and one another, and hope the most creatively compassionate of our collective consciousness makes it into the next evolutionary stage for humanoids.

Trying to help men understand, or change, or any of the rest of the countless things women do to waste time and energy at male behest is a losing proposition at this late stage in the history (and herstory) of the biological forms of women and men. Let’s live our most creatively compassionate lives to the best of our abilities and see what unfolds.

The photo, found at one of today’s rare recycling stores that still support victims-to-survivors of domestic violence (still of course mainly women as victims, mainly men as perpetrators), reminds me of the silencing patriarchy tries to do to women —  in response to which we find our own light and open the way to what Mary Daly called the “background,” the reality of natural creation, always evolving

Weaving of Life’s Web

More Weaving of the Web

[Part 1] Once we get in our core the awareness that no matter how many quilts we gather on our mere human power to weave, men as a global sex class consistently harm us (the better but still male-privileged Roberts and Nigels notwithstanding), there’s no more hand wringing over that. Then there might be someplace else to go. From there maybe collective consciousness for change invoking Spider Woman-esque spiritual power is possible among women.

Rachel Carson, if my memory serves, wrote books after Silent Spring in which she addressed what happens after volcanic destruction of small islands. All the life seems to be destroyed until, good golly Miss Molly, along come the teeny tiny spiders first. Seriously. Nobody knows how they get there. Like Magic. Like Spider Woman is a good metaphor for life staying true to its roots while also evolving. (Not that Carson made the connection. She did enough for any one woman, and yet Monsanto still reigns in its GMO profiteering insanity. Thus, not reformism of the system, it is pointless. But maybe invocation of Spider Woman. Why would movie franchises reverse Her with so many Spider Man films if no power resided in Her for women? It could, however, take a collective effort to find out, even if we all simply agreed to make our invocations at a certain time on a Sunday from wherever around the globe we live.)

Until we invoke through consciousness the natural elements of real Life and our own collected wise spirits as women against the death-dealing global patriarchy, how can we be sure She and our collective We won’t help Us? Goddess knows we need a lot of help now.

World Wide Webs to Sustain Us

 World Wide Webs to Sustain Us

[Part 2] Knowing as women we’re all here connecting by internet (world wide web) or indigenous energy of Spider Woman (metaphor or not), sharing the knowledge that we did not do this to ourselves, and we deserve better, maybe it’s time for Nature (the Cosmos, the Numinous, the Collective Consciousness, the Goddess, whatever you want to call It or Her or Them/Us) to lend force-field energy our cause. Why not call upon the greater Whatever to vanquish life’s enemies and help us?

If I don’t escape several times a week into the background (nature, river, trees, bees, squirrels, shore birds migrating inland), the vastness of the patriarchal lie threatens to overwhelm me. It has been a challenge to find a place I could afford in the money system that also has relatively safe space for women to connect with the background. And it becomes less safe on a monthly basis by reports of when assaults of women happen, broad daylight no less.

In the worst case we would still have our memories of biophilic connections to rely upon.

Maybe Nature’s organizing principle or force field is what the mainly male physicists refer to in describing the Higgs Boson viewed from their nature-disconnected way in SuperColliders for scientific scrutiny. Maybe more nature-connected womankind can access this differently. Maybe witches (women of wit and wisdom) of old before the burning (torturing and murdering) times really did have Powers. Real powers that men hated because they lacked the same powers, and wanted to destroy. Yes, it sounds essentialist, but women does not = men. Read that a mass shooter has killed another 10 people and you know without hearing that the shooter was male.

It is worth considering isn’t it, particularly because most of us who have lived any time at all in the patriarchy and tried for reform have concluded that reformism within patriarchy does not work. We say ‘no’ to that. So what do we say ‘yes’ to? Here’s where Spider Woman as global collective consciousness for women may come to meet us, if we ask.

Striding also at the same time as the heron below…

Striding also at the same time as the heron ...

Wonder Woman for President, a political hope replaced in 40 short years with Hillary not even being nominated for commander in chief (which patriarchal language of course makes sound an unsuitable job for a woman) despite wildly superior credentials, and the never-ending Iron Man, Super Man and (great Goddess can you believe it) even Thor invading the popular mindset as if men are our heroes at the time men singly raping, gang raping and committing other violence against girls and women is globally at an all-time high.

Generations & Lessons Learned

While this heron was striding in the sand dunes in the TX coastal bend in a natural state (what philosopher Mary Daly called the “background”), in the foreground (seeking reformism within patriarchy) Ms. magazine launched in the 70’s heyday of feminist publications with an early cover showing a female super-hero under the banner headline, “Wonder Woman For President.” When body hair (see next photo) was the last frontier, those women meant keeping it, not waxing it off to look like a male heterosexual pedophile’s wet dream come true. We have not “come a long way, baby,” because even the slogan foretold failure fixed by men. Really none of us grown women should be “baby” in an advertising slogan any more than a man of color is “boy.” What we’ve finally proven after three heron generations (about 40 years) is the impossibility of making lasting headway against the patriarchy in the foreground. Our solutions must be creatively our own as womankind, with the forces of nature to help us. We first need to get our eyes off the guys. Contemplate a heron instead.