Generations & Lessons Learned

While this heron was striding in the sand dunes in the TX coastal bend in a natural state (what philosopher Mary Daly called the “background”), in the foreground (seeking reformism within patriarchy) Ms. magazine launched in the 70’s heyday of feminist publications with an early cover showing a female super-hero under the banner headline, “Wonder Woman For President.” When body hair (see next photo) was the last frontier, those women meant keeping it, not waxing it off to look like a male heterosexual pedophile’s wet dream come true. We have not “come a long way, baby,” because even the slogan foretold failure fixed by men. Really none of us grown women should be “baby” in an advertising slogan any more than a man of color is “boy.” What we’ve finally proven after three heron generations (about 40 years) is the impossibility of making lasting headway against the patriarchy in the foreground. Our solutions must be creatively our own as womankind, with the forces of nature to help us. We first need to get our eyes off the guys. Contemplate a heron instead.


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