Striding also at the same time as the heron below…

Striding also at the same time as the heron ...

Wonder Woman for President, a political hope replaced in 40 short years with Hillary not even being nominated for commander in chief (which patriarchal language of course makes sound an unsuitable job for a woman) despite wildly superior credentials, and the never-ending Iron Man, Super Man and (great Goddess can you believe it) even Thor invading the popular mindset as if men are our heroes at the time men singly raping, gang raping and committing other violence against girls and women is globally at an all-time high.


4 thoughts on “Striding also at the same time as the heron below…

  1. Not all men rape women, at least from their point of view. But any woman I’ve ever gotten to know well enough to discuss men and sexuality admits there have been times her “special guy” pushed hard (pun intended) for it when she didn’t want it. And there’s always the unspoken threat that another woman will be more desperate, or need him more, or whatever, if she doesn’t go along. It seems to me that most women who live with men do so because they sense that having their “own man” is some measure of protection against all the others. (Being “love-raped” by someone you know and believe you love is better than being gang-raped, for example.) But don’t men “protect” only so long as they see a woman as a valuable possession (like blonde on the arm, the rolodex and the sports car) or at a lower socio-economic level, as a valuable quasi-slave to cook, clean, tend kids, go out and get a minimum wage job? Even super-cute feminine-role-compliant Reese Witherspoon’s husband threw her under the bus (buddy-bonding with the cop) when she was trying to protect him recently and he’d had too much to drink while driving. (She was tipsy, too, and it showed, but what struck me was her misplaced loyalty to him and his casual throwaway disdain for her.) Now she has an arrest record. So does environmental activist Erin Brockovich, apparently for having a couple in the sun and then not driving her boat but trying to dock it, harming no one. Some male cop busted her for something no man would’ve had to be arrested (and spend time in jail) for. Yet Erin had to be apologetic in the press, in order to keep doing her activism work. It’s the rules. Women comply, men make us cry. Men are not our heroes. As a sex class they oppress us and put our behavior under their microscope always hoping to make us wrong. If we see this, and stop believing anything bad they say about women, and try to avoid them as much as possible, well … like you say, maybe we can enjoy ourselves more with energy intact in the “background.”

    • Good points, J! Some of us may not embrace the identity politics of glbt [etc – queer? questioning? whatever gets added next to the list?] but still choose never to be heterosexual again as women too easily raped (don’t call it love) by men. How can Reese sleep with that guy any more? My flesh crawled for her because it was ubiquitous online and I clicked to see the video where he sold her out to the cop.

      When my husband wanted me to bring “other girls” into our marital bed before I divorced him, I didn’t think it was about a sexual identity (aka “questioning” or “queer” or “bi-curious”) or whatever. I just thought he was creepy and over-sexed and wanting to man-i-p-u-late me. Everything seems to be upside-down these days and all to real (versus fantasy) women’s disadvantage. Not that I would ever think it correct to discriminate in housing, employment, marriage (not that I ever want to again) or other civil rights against folks in the diversification-of-sexuality identity crowd. Even if somebody were a scarab-worshipping ladybug fetishist with multiple human and/or animal sexual partners each night in one room on his own time but came to work each day and contributed as part of the team, none of my business what he does outside work. But men, for instance, do not become women just because they feel like a drag queen who wants to pee standing up with a permanent pass to the women’s rest room. If he has a penis and can impregnate a woman, then he does not belong in there where women and girls are too easily targets. (Even if only of the creepy want-to vibe like my ex-husband used to give off. Flesh crawl!) Same-sex bathrooms was used as a reason to defeat the ERA in the 70’s but now cross-dressing and other wanna-be women who are men get to invade our public restrooms? Too creepy for words. Men who want to be women, no matter how much they want to, can’t get pregnant (raped or not), even if they have a genital operation to superficially change the form but not the function. They can’t know what it is like to fear pregnancy (when you’re not trying for a baby) every month for forty years, carrying around that subliminal dread of “what if” my period doesn’t start? It’s just common sense that women are the sex class — half of humanity — who can get pregnant (relatively rare exceptions of course). Which makes our womanly fear of rape so much worse than men who less frequently are raped (by men, of course). Common sense. But things aren’t sensible any more. Just clicked on your blog. Guess I’m preaching to the converted, so enough said.

  2. Yeah, I was so happy and so surprised that Geena Davis’ tv series Commander in Chief got made and aired. And then so unsurprised when it lasted but one season.

    • Geena Davis is an amazing woman who’s been backlashed by Hollywood ever since her gynergy became apparent in a League of Our Own (fantasy ending because the real patriarchy never let those women into the hall of fame). Geena although feminist seems to lack rf analysis; still married isn’t she? Also her producer husband, when she was on a major roll in her career, cast her in a bomb he made that truncated her career then making her seem box-office poison. I never trust even the good nigels not to be in on the male joke by which men regularly sabotage their wives. (Reese Witherspoon, too, recently thrown under the bus by her husband buddy-bonding with the cop in GA who pulled him over, getting Reese arrested too in her misguided stand-by-her-man attempt to wield influence. Most women don’t get that even millions of dollars do not make them male equivalent in the patriarchy. Oh well. Until any woman gets it, she’s stuck in the denial about who and how men really are. Along the way to my own rf awareness, there were a few women here and there who said and did things to which I could later connect what Mary Daly wrote, so the communications are not futile even if the change does not happen for a particular woman right away, or even for years or decades).

      Keep on keeping on, ptittle, as the saying goes, and know that womankind shall overcome. You are intelligent and your quest will ultimately net the joy you seek.

      Please let me reiterate — You are intelligent and write well. I mean no disrespect by writing in reply comment as I have. It’s just that I didn’t “”get so many things about men until I’d lived a long time, and I’d like some way like this blog to share the wisdom hard-earned that other women only hinted to me (the backlash being so severe, women rarely tell the whole truth they know about men to other women).

      We may not agree on whether or not males can be redeemed, or even if they’re worth discussing (although to get the word out I discuss males when I blog) — but in valuing women and wanting to put our lives in the priority place they deserve (also because we’re not the ones destroying the planet) we seem to be entirely on the same wavelength. For me that’s what matters most about rf analysis.

      Andrea Dworkin was rf who didn’t give up on men; Mary Daly was rf who did. Dworkin’s work has to some extent been held hostage after her death by the nigel she trusted (Stoltenberg) if online reports are to be credited. Dworkin wanted to believe in some man as symbolic of male capacity to change, I surmise, because her mother was cowed by the patriarchy (doing little to help her growing up) and at least her dad had some chutzpah to inspire Andrea about her intelligence and to have Andrea read the classics of literature and become well-educated (in other words, he wanted his daughter to be a guy). My dad was the same with me (as an only child). And my mom much the same as Dworkin reported her mom being, and my forgiveness of my mom much the same process as Dworkin reported in her essays, which helped me a lot to learn to love my mother, which has been a blessing after blaming her for too long. Having had the Dworkin mom-dad pattern it has taken longer for me to get 100% in the Daly camp as a result. Now I’m in the Daly camp totally (as shorthand for what works for me) but rf philisophy if it means anything must necessarily include the Dworkin camp (as shorthand) because usually believing as Dworkin did in males being salvageable is a necessary precursor stage at least to celibate or non-lesbian (maybe pre-lesbian) women who men have fucked becoming more totally rf as Daly was.

      I’m not necessarily sure that any higher primates including women are even salvageable in an evolution on Gaia, something to grieve and move past, but I sense clearly (in the background) that the continued existence of our consciousness as the best of womankind is assured. Maybe some male consciousness, too, because not everything of all males has been bad. For instance, Mozart. Or Spielberg when he made The Color Purple. Both personally are spawns of a prick, but the music, the filmic truth, the consciousness, at its best moments, sublime. And that is the part of each of them that came from his x-chromosomal and mitochondrial heritage through women. We may go on in evolution to join the best of womankind’s abilities somehow with plants and trees, and wouldn’t it be funny if “little green men” alien fantasies and the green woman/man Celtic mythos were precursors to our having chlorophyll however we evolve?

      The background and connection to plants and creatures there has taken me past attachment to the human form. And given me stronger consciousness of Life. When I laugh spontaneously at a squirrel racing around tree branches, it is because I am connected and feel the squirrel. When I laugh (it always happens, unlike a man-made joke only funny the first time) at a diving pelican, it is because of the one-with exuberant connection. I’m one with all that is alive. Not one with the necrophilia, hatefulness, hypocrisy and death-dealing of the leaders of patriarchy or its minions. Not one with psycho-babble and new-age spirituality. Not willing to believe that at core manunkind is good. But Life, and Evolution, and Gaia, and Womankind and certain elements of the best of primate consciousness, yes, those will go on.

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