World Wide Webs to Sustain Us

 World Wide Webs to Sustain Us

[Part 2] Knowing as women we’re all here connecting by internet (world wide web) or indigenous energy of Spider Woman (metaphor or not), sharing the knowledge that we did not do this to ourselves, and we deserve better, maybe it’s time for Nature (the Cosmos, the Numinous, the Collective Consciousness, the Goddess, whatever you want to call It or Her or Them/Us) to lend force-field energy our cause. Why not call upon the greater Whatever to vanquish life’s enemies and help us?

If I don’t escape several times a week into the background (nature, river, trees, bees, squirrels, shore birds migrating inland), the vastness of the patriarchal lie threatens to overwhelm me. It has been a challenge to find a place I could afford in the money system that also has relatively safe space for women to connect with the background. And it becomes less safe on a monthly basis by reports of when assaults of women happen, broad daylight no less.

In the worst case we would still have our memories of biophilic connections to rely upon.

Maybe Nature’s organizing principle or force field is what the mainly male physicists refer to in describing the Higgs Boson viewed from their nature-disconnected way in SuperColliders for scientific scrutiny. Maybe more nature-connected womankind can access this differently. Maybe witches (women of wit and wisdom) of old before the burning (torturing and murdering) times really did have Powers. Real powers that men hated because they lacked the same powers, and wanted to destroy. Yes, it sounds essentialist, but women does not = men. Read that a mass shooter has killed another 10 people and you know without hearing that the shooter was male.

It is worth considering isn’t it, particularly because most of us who have lived any time at all in the patriarchy and tried for reform have concluded that reformism within patriarchy does not work. We say ‘no’ to that. So what do we say ‘yes’ to? Here’s where Spider Woman as global collective consciousness for women may come to meet us, if we ask.


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