Of Womankind and Fuqtards

Genderism, which reifies the female role men in patriarchy have made for women, harms us.  As if we were reduced in too many minds to whether or not (like the frat poster pictures) we want a man to make us randy.  (Yes, the poster from a frat party, this century.  But a genteel university so relatively gentle language like “randy” as code for date rape.)

Even if some of us escape the generic gender role, the overall global sex class of women being  subordinate to men harms us.  Every time I see a woman wearing spike high heels or head-covering hajib, P-C cultural diversity lingo be damned because indirectly she is enforcing what males want to believe about not only her but also my membership in the subordinate sex class based on wearing subordinate-role gender  garb for everyone to see.  The subordinate-role effects of male rapism, putdowns, mental manipulation, on and on the bad list, harms us and has for millenia.  I realize this and from that place go forward with as much joy and courage as possible, not expecting men as a global sex class not to gender-ize us (or much worse).  

A man raping and impregnating a woman, for instance, is much worse than his merely genderizing her, because if it were not for the reality of biology as opposed to the man-made cultural creation of a subordinate social role, rape with impregnation of women would be impossible.  It all connects, one harm leading and bleeding into  another.   We have the right and the desire to believe we will overcome.  In that spirit, it occurs to me that women unfamiliar with the entire body  second wave feminist writing may be misled in other blogging corners (not this one) to believe that there was never a time on this planet when women were not men’s rape victims in large, oppressive numbers.

In documented fact, as many second-wave writers knew from reading the source material from European archeological digs of the archeologist, Dr. Marija Gimbutas (UCLA professor, now deceased), there was a time some millenia ago when the record in the ground, so to speak, showed that women lived without being under the boot of men, only to have the in-the-ground record change when men-on-horses-with-swords swept down from northern areas (think Genghis Khan and his ilk) and violently overthrew the peaceful order.

The work of Dr. Gimbutas was so brilliant and powerful for women’s belief in ourselves that the entire male-dominated archeological canon re-shaped its research protocols after her work was published, to discourage others from following the trail she had blazed. Also dig sites were tampered with (by agents unknown to any but those who made the arrangements) and deemed unsuitable for follow-up research. Big surprise. That’s how the snools and snotboys of the patriarchy operate, playing dirty and smiling through their lies while they back-stab  and discourage us.

I didn’t save my research notes about the above, although some of the material I reviewed came from the downtown L.A. library archives existent at the time about UCLA professors like Gimbutas. Because rad-feminist books like Andrea Dworkin’s and Mary Daly’s were being sold at library booksale or cycled into the dead storage stacks at that time (2005) — in the political backlash of transsexism and wombphobia against real women that PC transgender apologists had fomented against real women — I realized that the research would be erased and replaced with nonsense and hopelessness pretending to be some form (even rad-fem) of feminist analysis.

And how Dr. Gimbutas and her work has falsely been discredited online and off since her death is an appalling example of manunkind’s hypocrisy doing its worst.  So it has seemingly turned out to be. Except that my voice is still here. And the voices of some others who are fed up and not pretending it’s okay any more to throw billions of women under the post-modernist bus.

It concerns me that some of today’s putative rad-fem bloggers, apparently hoping to make a name for themselves, would seek to re-write herstory  and the second-wave scholarship in so discouraging a way as to suggest it has always been as bad for women throughout herstory as it has been in the past few millenia carried forward to today’s online porn-and-rape culture.

Maybe men as a global sex class at some point mutated to greater violence against women, a sort of Genghis Khan syndrome. (That particular sorry fuqtard raped so many women that his sperm lodged in thousands of wombs, historians believe, spawning his genetic line far and wide.) Maybe not. But it is not true that women have always been subjugated to men. It is not true that patriarchy has always existed in the same ugly shape-shifting form of violent social control that we have endured since the biblical old testament in the name of Fuqtard Supreme G.O.D. Imagebegan to be written.

It is instead true that Life continues to evolve, that there was a time when women controlled more of their own destiny, and that men in their current violent patriarchal and imperial iteration (lasting about the past 5000 to 7000 years) may be headed for extinction.

Our job as women is to hold on as best we can, connect to Nature and one another, and hope the most creatively compassionate of our collective consciousness makes it into the next evolutionary stage for humanoids.

Trying to help men understand, or change, or any of the rest of the countless things women do to waste time and energy at male behest is a losing proposition at this late stage in the history (and herstory) of the biological forms of women and men. Let’s live our most creatively compassionate lives to the best of our abilities and see what unfolds.

The photo, found at one of today’s rare recycling stores that still support victims-to-survivors of domestic violence (still of course mainly women as victims, mainly men as perpetrators), reminds me of the silencing patriarchy tries to do to women —  in response to which we find our own light and open the way to what Mary Daly called the “background,” the reality of natural creation, always evolving


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