Sheroes and Female Abilities

ImageThe daily news is so bleak for women, it’s time  to shift into celebration and in spite of apparent doom, honor the sheroes.  Among my favorites, including each of us just for surviving the emotional, spiritual and physical onslaught of patriarchy, are the young women featured in the film, Rabbit Proof Fence.  

I saw this film in a theater about 10 years ago (maybe more) and was amazed at how the mainly male fllmmakers did not try to hide what were the obvious powers of the young women for geomancy, aeromancy, and related elemental connections that got them back as escapees on foot to their aboriginal mothers after the government of Australia separated them by 1500 miles.   These young women were half “first people” of Australia (aboriginal mothers) and half “white” (no doubt the products of rape by “good ole boys,” Australian settlers from Scotland and other UK countries originally, having “some fun” with “the natives”).  On the USA continent in my own lineage, my great-great-grandmother had been a “native” (Cherokee) that a “good ole boy” from Georgia of Scot descent “found” in “the backwoods” (probably a renegade from the Trail of Tears that killed so many Cherokees) and “brought home” (raped and abducted her) to “make her his wife.”   In the mantel photo of her at my grandma’s house that fascinated me about the “squaw great-great-grandma” while growing up, her brown face was both knowing and indescribably sad.  Of course, look at all the white man’s culture had robbed her of.  (And as a result I entirely understand why it takes a higher percentage of Cherokee blood than courses through my veins to be tribally enrolled.)

Also as a result I had a strong personal affinity for this Rabbit Proof Fence story of young women in Australia, where yet another generation of the heirs of the Roman Empire in their evil hubris in the name of the invented monotheistic man-god saw fit once again to try to destroy womankind and our multi-faceted powers.

Guess what you rapist fuckers!?!!!  Guess what you chronic hypocrites!?!!! We’re still standing.  As womankind.  Try to tear us down all you want and we keep on.  And we have powers that you have tried to take from us, that we are just starting to reclaim and use.  We already know the result.  Nature loves us, not you fuckers, and we overcome.

Valete Interfectors!!!*

*(Translation from the Latin of the Roman Empire which seeded some of the worst of the patriarchy :  Bye-bye murderers!!!)


2 thoughts on “Sheroes and Female Abilities

  1. Look for Antonia’s Line, which is a Marlene Gorris film. I understand another of hers was shown at one of the recent conferences. Very rejuvenating for the rad fem spirit, although yes, there are males in the film. They have their (limited) uses.

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