This is my latest foray into blogging about what Dr. Mary Daly called  elemental feminism, sometimes also called eco-feminism, radical feminism, or some other phrase.

It’s mainly about seeking women’s freedom to be who we really are, liberated from the millenia of oppression in the patriarchy which has, by this writing in 2013, definitely gone global.  This is a feminism about liberation from the global patriarchy, not equality with its terms and conditions.

Freedom  requires our protection from male ravages (which we are best positioned to do for ourselves, whenever possible without counting on men). Unless we are willing to face how dangerous to women are the men of the global male sex class, we won’t be willing to protect ourselves to the best of our ability.  Unless we face who and what men are as a global collective impacting us, we will never make wise individual decisions about individual men or, more importantly, how to live our own Lives.

Protection for women often means avoidance of men to every extent possible.  Avoiding the male gaze, for instance.  Wearing sunglasses outside while walking and whenever men are around.  (That way, they may think without knowing for sure that you see them for later witness purposes, which is a deterrent  to calculated male violence.  But they do not feel confronted to act out precipitously by your stare behind sunglasses through which they cannot see.)

Never would I advocate any woman’s initiation of violence in the name of  “protection.”  Let’s be clear about that.  You can’t take down the master’s house with the master’s tools.  Or as Audre Lorde stated:  “For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.  They may allow up to temporarily beat him at his own game but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change.”  So check out some of the blogs below, go forth to comment, or start your own blog.

Some other sites and blogs I have read (even if the blogging is from a newcomer or, alternatively, not always kept current because, well, if you’re a woman you know the challenges of just staying alive, trying to thrive).








http://www.feministe.us/blog/ [for a survey of what the academic studies set is doing and saying]



http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/ [recently revived with good archives for everything except  transgender apologetics because it’s not that I or any other sane woman wants to see any kind of discrimination including discrimination against transgendered people but

— as a political movement designed for the freedom of the global sex class of billions of women born with the reproductive biology of females (i.e., potential baby makers and objects of male subjugation)

— women’s liberation is being unfairly derailed by the individualized identity politics of the much smaller number of highly vocal transgendered people, mainly MtTs (male-to-trangendered females) including those with penile “lady sticks” who also wield their identity-politics axe to grind]













http://allecto.wordpress.com/ [Not updated often but the archives include great writing and insightful analysis]



There are many other good  blogs, and new bloggers arriving every day.  You’ll find your own spinning way with all of us here silently cheering you on!


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    • Thanks to you, too, Sipiy, for stopping by and caring about the spinning web of womankind seeking to overcome, evolve, laugh (to keep from crying). I’m not such a great blogger (too much going on otherwise for survival to post very often) but as a fast typist it is a pleasure to comment other places where I feel welcome. You’re always welcome here!

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