Striding also at the same time as the heron below…

Striding also at the same time as the heron ...

Wonder Woman for President, a political hope replaced in 40 short years with Hillary not even being nominated for commander in chief (which patriarchal language of course makes sound an unsuitable job for a woman) despite wildly superior credentials, and the never-ending Iron Man, Super Man and (great Goddess can you believe it) even Thor invading the popular mindset as if men are our heroes at the time men singly raping, gang raping and committing other violence against girls and women is globally at an all-time high.


Generations & Lessons Learned

While this heron was striding in the sand dunes in the TX coastal bend in a natural state (what philosopher Mary Daly called the “background”), in the foreground (seeking reformism within patriarchy) Ms. magazine launched in the 70’s heyday of feminist publications with an early cover showing a female super-hero under the banner headline, “Wonder Woman For President.” When body hair (see next photo) was the last frontier, those women meant keeping it, not waxing it off to look like a male heterosexual pedophile’s wet dream come true. We have not “come a long way, baby,” because even the slogan foretold failure fixed by men. Really none of us grown women should be “baby” in an advertising slogan any more than a man of color is “boy.” What we’ve finally proven after three heron generations (about 40 years) is the impossibility of making lasting headway against the patriarchy in the foreground. Our solutions must be creatively our own as womankind, with the forces of nature to help us. We first need to get our eyes off the guys. Contemplate a heron instead.

More man-made madness (insanity of patriarchal normality)

This is the “world” men in their hubris and violence have made. A few feet away from the left-and-right pictured Hungary monument (men are so hungry for all that is wrong) is the fenced-off “park” area used these days by males only (off Wilshire Blvd., near Alvarado in L.A., CA, USA), because women dare not go alone for fear of men raping them.  You might work a full-time job and pay your taxes just the same as any man, but if you are a woman in L.A. you use the public and tax-supported city “parks” at your peril.

Red state, blue state, left or right, it’s all patriarchy and it’s all about a system of male dominance including the threat of impregnation or other violence against women.  We won the vote to net us nothing.  The same energy of the suffragettes can be used by women not for reformist revolt, not for endlessly wringing our hands over the evils of men, not for taking care of male adults to our own depletion, but to live with other women in mind, to consider the better world we want for ourselves and for our daughters.